Early stage IT and Healthcare Investing

Inside InterWest - Entrepreneurs in IT & Healthcare


For over four decades, InterWest Partners has invested in some of the world's most promising early-stage IT and healthcare start-ups, partnering with world-class entrepreneurs to build winning companies. During that time, InterWest raised $2.8 billion in ten funds, completed 97 IPOs and participated in 95 upside acquisitions.

Our early wins in the 1980s and 1990s in IT companies such as Xilinx (semiconductors) CIENA (telecommunication) and healthcare companies like COR Therapeutics (biotechnology) and Ventritex (medical devices) allowed us to build leading investment franchises in both IT and healthcare across multiple generations of investors.

Our story culminated in our top performing and final fund, IW10, in which we invested in superbly innovative and successful companies like Doximity (digital physician networks) which alone returned one billion dollars to the fund, Canva (online design and publishing platform), Braze (customer engagement platform), Tesaro (breakthrough treatment for ovarian cancer), C3.ai (enterprise AI), Glaukos (new category therapeutics for vision-threatening eye disorders) and Labrys (novel treatment for migraine headache).

InterWest is not currently seeking new investments.