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InterWest is proud and privileged to partner with visionary management teams who are shaping the future of Information Technology and Healthcare. The companies they have started are vital parts of the portfolio of industry-leading startups that InterWest has helped over the last four decades.

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Doug Pepper


General Partner

"If you have a big vision that takes advantage of mobility, cloud, social or other game-changing platforms, my partners and I would love to help you build your business."

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Doug has been with InterWest since 2000, investing in SaaS, Mobile and Consumer Internet companies. Doug was a founding investor and still serves on the board of Marketo (NASDAQ: MKTO).  Doug also sits on the boards of Spredfast, NewsCred, Appboy, Tapjoy, Badgeville and INVIDI.  In addition, he led InterWest's investments in Flurry (acquired by Yahoo), Optimizely and Totango. In 2015, Doug was named one of the top 12 most influential MarTech board members.

Doug is also a personal investor in leading seed funds, Homebrew and Freestyle Capital.   And, he is an investor and advisor to Angelpad, one of the highest-ranked startup accelerators.  

Prior to joining InterWest, Doug worked in business development at Amazon.com. Before Amazon.com, he was a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs in New York, where he worked globally with technology clients. 

Doug received his B.A. from Dartmouth College, and his M.B.A. from Stanford University.

Doug lives in Burlingame, CA with his wife, Kim, and their three children. He shares his perspectives on venture capital and entrepreneurship at Pepperspectives.com

Prior Investments

Marketo (IPO in May 2013), Flurry (Acquired by Yahoo! in 2014), Lombardi (Acquired by IBM in 2009), MarketTools (Acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2012), SchoolFeed (Acquired by Classmates.com in 2012), Varolii (Acquired by Nuance Communications in 2013), Bloomspot (Acquired by JP Morgan Chase in 2013), CarWoo (Acquired by Truecar 2014)

I feel incredibly lucky to be an investor during a time of unprecedented change. Today, we have three massive technology
platforms emerging simultaneously. First, mobility and the application economy are reinventing the Internet. Second,
enterprises are driving an unprecedented upgrade cycle to the Cloud. And finally, the Social Graph is rewriting
nearly every consumer service and enterprise application.

If you're an entrepreneur with a big vision that takes advantage of any of these new platforms, my partners and I would love to help you build your business. For more on my perspective, visit my blog Pepperspectives.com

Doug Pepper

Information Technology


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