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InterWest is proud and privileged to partner with visionary management teams who are shaping the future of Information Technology and Healthcare. The companies they have started are vital parts of the portfolio of industry-leading startups that InterWest has helped over the last four decades.

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Information Technology

Open Silicon

Fri, 06/15/2012 - 09:38 -- HolaKo

Open-Silicon, is a fabless ASIC company delivering cost-effective, predictable and reliable custom ASIC solution to electronics product customers worldwide. Open-Silicon's OpenMODEL is the semiconductor industry's first end-to-end custom ASIC solution based on a business model that provides a seamless, low-cost, low-risk alternative to traditional models for complex ASIC design and development.


Fri, 06/15/2012 - 09:36 -- HolaKo

InterWest was closely involved in the incubation of this company's business plan and founding. The company established itself as a successful maker of high-performance Intel-compatible x86 processors and digital electronic subsystems based on very large scale integration (VLSI) semiconductors. Cyrix was acquired by National Semiconductor in 1997.

Crystal Semiconductor

Fri, 06/15/2012 - 09:35 -- HolaKo

With unique design know-how, this IC maker established a track record of success in the development, manufacture and marketing of complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) products that combine linear and digital integrated circuit functions on the same chip. Crystal Semiconductor was acquired by Cirrus Logic in 1991.


Fri, 06/15/2012 - 09:33 -- HolaKo

BenchMarq marketed semiconductor components for battery-operated electronic devices and other power-sensitive equipment and applications. The company's products addressed microprocessor power management, rechargeable power supply control, and memory management. BenchMarq was acquired by Unitrode Products in 1998 and later Texas Instruments 1999.


Fri, 06/15/2012 - 09:32 -- HolaKo

AccelChip is a leading provider of architectural synthesis and verification tools for DSP design. The company develops design tools, intellectual property and consulting services that enable a true, top-down DSP design process. AccelChip's solutions link the domain-specific DSP design environment with proven silicon design flows. The company was acquired by Xilinx in 2006.


Fri, 06/15/2012 - 09:30 -- HolaKo

VTEL pioneered full-featured "media conferencing" systems based on open PC-based standards, with a line of long-distance communications products that integrate interactive video, voice, data, and graphics capabilities. The company is based in Austin, Texas.


Fri, 06/15/2012 - 09:29 -- HolaKo

A leader in integrated network equipment, Stratacom created high-end ATM wide-area networking equipment. Based on packet-switching technology, the company's solutions combined multiplexing and network management, allowing large enterprises to build and manage integrated voice and data communications networks using the T-1 lines provided by common carriers. The company was acquired by Cisco Systems in 1996.

Ramp Networks

Fri, 06/15/2012 - 09:29 -- HolaKo

Ramp developed connectivity products that provide high-bandwidth but economical ISDN Internet access to small and medium-sized businesses. The company's products, which were field upgradeable via downloadable software modules, stood out for their plug-and-play ease of use and maintenance. The company had an initial public offering in 1999, then was acquired by Nokia in January 2001.

Network Computing Devices

Fri, 06/15/2012 - 09:27 -- HolaKo

Network Computing Devices (NCDI) makes network computing systems and products. Based on a host-terminal architecture rather than a workstation architecture, the company's products leverage network processing power to reduce system cost with no reduction in performance. The company had an initial public offering in 1992.

Lightera Networks

Fri, 06/15/2012 - 09:26 -- HolaKo

Incubated in InterWest's office, Lightera's core technology was an ultra-broadband SONET switching product that addressed the transport switching requirements of public networks employing Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) equipment. The company was acquired by Ciena in March 1999, and quickly became a source of significant revenue for clients.


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