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Badgeville Launches New Analytics for Enterprise Gamification Programs


Badgeville Launches New Analytics for Enterprise Gamification Programs Mar 2015

Customers gain access to real-time feedback on employee motivation

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Badgeville, the global leader in business gamification, today announced a new generation of Badgeville Analytics. Badgeville's customers have added gamification to a wide-range of enterprise applications including social communities, sales performance, customer support and learning management. Badgeville Analytics is used to track, analyze, report on and evolve these enterprise gamification programs.

This new generation product is designed to provide big data analytics with ease of interpretation by putting the tools of data scientists into the hands of gamification program managers. Customers can see what's working to motivate employee actions and make real-time enhancements to their gamification programs. Any gamified action can be tracked across any time period.

Badgeville Analytics features include:

Insight into any user action or combination of actions
Insight into usage by time, group or activity
Analysis tied to specific business goals
Flexible reporting with a variety of charts and graphs
Customizable dashboards
Badgeville Analytics is available to all customers. The company also offers the services of its Behavior Lab to help customers setup, measure and interpret their analytics results. The Behavior Lab includes professionals skilled in gamification and data science.

Steve Sims, Chief Design Officer and head of Badegville's Behavior Lab, works with Badgeville customers to define and measure their gamification programs. "Customers are gaining new and unique insights into employee engagement and they are learning what motivates employee behaviors," said Sims.

Forrester has highlighted the importance of separating signal from noise in enterprise applications through the use of analytics. "By continuously analyzing and characterizing past behaviors of users, a platform can predict the expertise and the content the user needs and direct the user's attention to the right person, document, or community accordingly," according to Forrester's research. 1

"Analytics are increasingly important to our customers as they expand their gamification across the enterprise," said Jon Shalowitz, CEO of Badgeville. "Badgeville Analytics provides unique insight into employee engagement with enterprise applications. Now customers can see detailed user and usage patterns across all their gamified applications."

For more information, visit www.Badgeville.com

About Badgeville
Badgeville drives success through business gamification with its unique combination of products, expertise and analytics. Badgeville is the industry leader with hundreds of name brand customers, including Walmart, American Express, Samsung, Medtronic, Kendall Jackson, USAA, and more. Founded in 2010, Badgeville is based in Redwood City, CA and New York City.
To learn more, follow @Badgeville or visit www.badgeville.com

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