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InVisage Receives Prestigious I3A VISION 2020 Imaging Innovation Gold Award


InVisage Receives Prestigious I3A VISION 2020 Imaging Innovation Gold Award Jun 2011

Prestigious Judges Recognize QuantumFilm as the Most Innovative Technology

22 June 2011

SAN JOSE, CA — InVisage Inc., a Silicon Valley-based startup revolutionizing the image sensor market, today announced that its technology — QuantumFilm™ — has received the International Imaging Industry Association's (I3A) VISION 2020 Imaging Innovation's top gold award. QuantumFilm is the world's first quantum dot-based material for image sensors and enables four times the amount of light to be captured. This allows camera phones and other small form factors to take photographs of unprecedented quality.

This award is particularly important because the VISION 2020 judges are the world's top imaging experts who have an intimate understanding of the technology and the market. The announcement was made during the 6Sight Mobile Imaging Summit event taking place in San Jose this week.

"We are thrilled and proud to be recognized by our peers in the industry with the gold award from the I3A," said Jess Lee, CEO of InVisage. "Our amazing team of innovators at InVisage have been working hard to create QuantumFilm and we are very pleased to be acknowledged for our efforts."

"The QuantumFilm technology is clearly a technological advance that will have significant impact on the industry for many years to come," said I3A President Lisa Walker. "I3A is pleased to recognize and reward InVisage Technologies' unique approach to the issues of capturing light in small mobile devices."

The VISION 2020 entries were evaluated by an independent panel of judges, made up of industry experts, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and analysts. The judges ranked each entry according to the submission's relevance to the imaging industry, its potential market impact (does it solve a significant market problem?), the method of impact (how does it bring change to the market?), its uniqueness and its implementation status (how real is it? are there patents, beta programs or proof of concept?).

InVisage developed QuantumFilm for the digital world. Today's digital image sensors are made with silicon, an inherently inefficient medium for light capture. QuantumFilm transcends silicon's limitations with a spin coating of quantum-dot material on top of the silicon wafer, while employing the silicon to do what it does best — read out data. Just nanometers in size, the quantum dot material enables unprecedented light capture, and can be made using a standard CMOS manufacturing process. As a result, InVisage is able to offer an image sensor with 4X better performance than anything available on the market, at a market standard price.

I3A (the International Imaging Industry Association; http://www.i3a.org) is the leading global association for the imaging industry. The VISION 2020 Imaging Innovation Awards program seeks to energize, recognize and celebrate innovators whose ideas will drive the industry toward a vision of the future of intelligent imaging. Details about the VISION 2020 Initiative and Awards can be found at http://www.i3a.org/about-i3a/awards/vision2020/.
About InVisage Technologies, Inc.

InVisage Technologies, Inc. is a venture-backed fabless semiconductor company based in Menlo Park, Calif. that is developing QuantumFilm, a breakthrough imaging-sensing technology that will replace silicon. Its first product enables high-fidelity, high resolution images from handheld devices like camera phones and digital cameras. Founded in 2006, InVisage Technologies is venture funded by Intel Capital, RockPort Capital, InterWest Partners, OnPoint Technologies and Charles River Ventures. More information is available at www.invisage.com.
About the International Imaging Industry Association (I3A)

I3A's vision is to enable the use of imaging to simplify and enrich people's lives through visual experiences that connect generations, communities, information and services. I3A drives the global imaging industry toward this future by bringing members together to create standards and collaborate on initiatives that advance the industry and remove barriers to growth. Information about I3A can be found at http://www.i3a.org or by phone at +1 914-285-4933. For information on joining I3A, please write or call Noel Mareno, noelm@i3a.org, +1 214-244-1927.

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