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Doximity Launches Secure, Free Platform for Physician Collaboration


Doximity Launches Secure, Free Platform for Physician Collaboration Mar 2011

First free professional network to streamline physician communication and improve patient care

7 March 2011

SAN MATEO, Calif., — Doximity, a new health technology company from the founders of Epocrates, launched a physician network platform today that links medical professionals, supporting them in delivering faster, smarter treatment. With Doximity, physicians can use their iPhone, Android device or computer to quickly connect with nearly any U.S. physician to collaborate on patient treatment or find appropriate experts.

Communication challenges among physicians create delays for patients. According to The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, communication breakdowns between care providers are the root cause of 65 percent of serious medical errors. Doximity addresses these communication challenges with the first online community for medical professionals to engage in fast, secure and HIPAA-compliant communications.

Members of the Doximity community, now numbering more than 7,000 U.S. physicians, feel confident about sharing and receiving professional information. Just some of the ways they are using or plan to use Doximity include:

Coordinating Care.
Dr. Jeffrey Herman employs Doximity to send and receive secure text messages with photos in order to convey urgent results to his referring clinicians and to quickly attain additional patient information.
Dr. Sunil Patel avoids lost time contacting the appointment desks of specialists by dialing directly to their back office numbers.
Dr. John Spieker works in a summer resort area and treats many injured vacationers, and with Doximity, he can find physicians in the vacationers’ home towns to manage post-operative care.
Dr. Jerome Fischer uses Doximity to find 24-hour pharmacies when he receives “10 p.m. ran out of my medication” calls.
Finding the right expert.
Dr. Michael Thompson sees Doximity as most useful for treating a patient that requires multiple sub-specialists, such as thoracic surgery.
Building Medical Practices.
Dr. Drew Dylewski taps Doximity to build and maintain relationships with primary care providers in a rural area where long distances separate medical professionals.

Physicians securely access the Doximity platform in minutes through a mobile app on iPhone and Android devices or through a website on their personal computer. Physician identities are verified via a 3-step credential check to protect Doximity's community and patient privacy. Once on the Doximity platform, medical professionals can update and expand their practice information, exchange private contact information with selected colleagues, connect with former classmates, and incorporate rapid, precise communication into the treatment of patients.

To help medical professionals get started quickly, Doximity pre-populates its national directory with practice information from the National Provider Identifier, Medicare, and other HHS databases. For specialists, the Doximity platform can strengthen reputations, deepen networks and grow practices, while for primary care providers, it can save time spent finding specialists, labs, pharmacies, and other resources.

"Our teenagers today have better communications technology than our doctors," noted Jeff Tangney, Doximity founder and CEO. "Since e-mail and SMS are not secure, most doctors and their office staffs are forced to fax or page each other. Doximity is designed to make secure, cross-organizational, medical-grade group messaging easy."

InterWest Partners, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, is the lead backer of Doximity.

To learn more about Doximity, please visit http://doximity.com or download the free iphone and android app for doctors onto your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

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