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New Cloud-based Analytic Applications for Forecasting and Visualization Combined with Key Platform Capabilities Enable Companies such as Yahoo!, Box, and LinkedIn to Optimize Revenue


New Cloud-based Analytic Applications for Forecasting and Visualization Combined with Key Platform Capabilities Enable Companies such as Yahoo!, Box, and LinkedIn to Optimize Revenue Sep 2013

C9, the Revenue Performance Company, today unveiled two new analytic applications: C9 Active Forecast and C9 Active Insights, and new capabilities to its C9 Active Data Platform. C9’s suite of analytic applications and Big Data platform, which currently manages $1.8 Trillion in pipeline for companies around the world, helps organizations optimize revenue across marketing, sales, service and support. With C9, industry-leading companies such as Yahoo!, Box, and LinkedIn are able to generate more accurate forecasts, identify and predict risks in a sales pipeline, and ultimately increase revenue.

Enterprises today continue to manage and forecast revenue through departmental silos and spreadsheets—significantly reducing a company’s revenue potential. With Revenue Performance as the underlying foundation for the company’s product vision, C9 is focused on an integrated and cross-functional approach to analyzing and optimizing revenue.

“Revenue Performance is the process of optimizing revenue across all front-office applications, including marketing, sales, service, and support. By mashing up and deriving new data from these sources, and applying predictive analytics to both historical and current data, in real-time, we can provide precise insights and actionable recommendations that enable business executives to focus on top sales-driving opportunities,” said Michael Howard, CEO of C9. ”When you combine Big Data + Fast Data + Data Science, operationalized in a suite of analytic applications, you get C9 — not a BI tool or a CRM company, but an application platform that gives companies a new way to understand revenue risks and opportunities.”

New Applications and Platform Capabilities

C9′s new analytic applications and Big Data platform capabilities feature:

C9 Active Forecast:

C9 Active Forecast combines historical pipeline trends with sales judgment to enable sales people, sales managers and sales operations to accurately predict deal close rates, resulting in significantly more accurate forecasts. C9 Active Forecast is built to address the most demanding enterprise sales requirements such as support for deal splits and overlay organizations. And because the C9 Active Forecast automatically inherits the sales hierarchy from source CRM systems, the solution is quick to deploy and automatically adapts to any type of sales organization. Click here for a demo of C9 Active Forecast.

C9 Active Insights:

C9 Active Insights gives users prebuilt, ready-to-use dashboards and reports that highlight key changes in pipeline, proactively scans the C9 Active Data Platform for specific events that may indicate potential pipeline risks, and automatically notifies relevant parties. C9 Active Insights can easily be customized using point-and-click tools to change the layout or data in any dashboard or report. C9 Active Insights is available across a range of platforms including mobile phones and tablets, allowing users to quickly access, understand and respond to critical information.

New C9 Active Data Platform Capabilities

C9 also introduced 27 new platform capabilities in the C9 Active Data Platform. These include real-time, device independent reporting, 200% performance improvement in data replication, 2-25 times performance improvement in query optimization, real-time push notification on deals to watch and new transparent data exchange for spreadsheet reporting.
“In CSO Insights’ ’2013 Sales Management Optimization Study’, which surveyed over 1,700 companies, we discovered that only 46% of forecast deals ended up in the ‘win’ column. To put that into perspective, the odds of winning at a craps table in Vegas is over 49%. When your odds of winning at the tables is higher than winning with your forecast, you know that there needs to be a board-level discussion on running sales with metrics—not hunches,” said Jim Dickie, Managing Partner, CSO Insights. “Companies that implement the right mix of best practices and technology for managing sales and revenue will ultimately achieve far better revenue results. In fact, C9 customer Stanley Black & Decker increased their close rate from an already impressive 59% to 76%.” Watch Video.

This unveiling of C9′s strategy is just the beginning of its dedication to linking the revenue supply chain to profoundly change the approach in understanding the risks and opportunities in revenue performance.

“Today, C9 helps us quickly identify the deals we need to focus on to improve our close rate. We’re looking forward to using C9’s integrated analytic applications across sales and marketing applications to easily identify the campaigns that accelerate lead to revenue velocity,” said Tom Eggemeier, Executive Vice President, Global Sales at Genesys.

About C9

C9, the Revenue Performance company, is an analytic application software company that uses a cloud-based Big Data analytics platform to enable organizations to analyze and optimize revenue across marketing, sales, service and support. C9 combines the best of Big Data + Fast Data + predictive analytics to empower companies such as LinkedIn, Yahoo! and Box to increase revenue by improving visibility and predictability, generating more accurate forecasts, and identifying revenue risks.

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