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The Invuity Waveguide XT™ System Delivers Superior In-­‐Situ Visualization Enabling Improved Outcomes in Minimal Access Surgery

SAN FRANCISCO November 12, 2014 – Invuity, Inc., a surgical photonics company, today launched the Invuity Waveguide XT™ System, a universal, “drop in” illuminator for minimal access surgery at the North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting. This new product adds to the company’s proprietary photonics-­‐based portfolio, which addresses the inherent challenges of minimal access surgery and improves outcomes.

Invuity’s Intelligent Photonics™ technology delivers unsurpassed visualization of tissue planes, critical structures and anatomical landmarks, which enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive spine procedures more easily and safely. The Waveguide XT System was developed in response to the growing need for improved visualization as surgeons are working through increasingly small incisions.

“One of the unique benefits of Invuity’s Waveguide XT System is that it can be strategically placed within the incision to direct and shape the illumination deep into the disc space providing startlingly clear visualization without the risk of thermal tissue damage,” said Warren F. Neely, MD, Neurosurgery, Christus Santa Rosa Health System in San Antonio, TX. “With this innovative drop-­‐in device, surgeons benefit from superior visualization without altering their standard surgical technique or instrumentation.”

Today, an estimated 30-­‐40 percent of all surgical procedures in the United States are minimal access and this percentage is rapidly growing. Minimal access techniques improve surgical outcomes, minimize risks associated with traditional open surgery, and reduce post-­‐operative recovery and hospitalization time.

“The rapid shift toward minimal access procedures has advanced patient outcomes. However, an unintended consequence of this evolution is that it has decreased the surgeon’s most important sense – vision,” said Invuity Chief Executive Officer Philip Sawyer. “The Waveguide XT System is the latest device in our growing photonics-­‐based portfolio designed to bring back this critical sense. In the future, our technology platform will continue to expand into additional modalities to address some of the most significant unmet clinical needs in minimal access surgery.”

About Invuity Intelligent Photonics™
Invuity’s proprietary Intelligent Photonics™ technology incorporates an advanced optical waveguide with a complex geometry of integrated refractive microstructures and microlens arrays to direct and shape illumination within the surgical cavity. The technology projects thermally cool, brilliant light to volumetrically illuminate deep surgical cavities, providing unsurpassed visualization while virtually eliminating shadows, glare and thermal hazards. Invuity integrates its proprietary Intelligent Photonics™ into advanced in-­‐situ visualization devices for a variety of surgical specialties.

About Invuity®
Invuity, Inc. is a surgical photonics company that develops and markets Intelligent Photonics™ devices. The company’s portfolio of in-­‐situ visualization devices make possible new minimally invasive surgical approaches and techniques that result in increased surgical efficiency and safety with improved patient outcomes. Clinical applications include breast and thyroid oncology, plastics, spine, orthopedic, cardiothoracic and general surgery among others. Invuity
is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit www.invuity.com.

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